The Strange Story of the Canada Goose


Canada Goose jackets, with their iconic crest on the arms and distinctive fur-lined hood, are an integral part of the Loyola culture. This cornerstone of the campus, however, has an unprecedented price tag and a controversial reputation.

A heavy Canada Goose jacket can sell for between $800 and $2,000, depending on the Company Website. Some discounts can be found at low-cost retailers such as Nordstrom Rack, but you’re unlikely to find a Canada Goose jacket that can withstand Chicago’s worst winters for less than $700.

Many brands of similar reputation sell cheaper winter coats. LL Bean heavyweight jackets are around $400 and Columbia jackets are around $600. North Face parkas can be found for up to $700 – the same price as the cheapest Canada Goose parkas.

Non-Canada Goose owners used social media as an outlet for their confusion over the brand’s unmatched pricing and found themselves turning to humor when expressing their bewilderment.

A popular Instagram account among Loyola’s early years, @ramblerbuxtook a swipe at Canada Goose owners in his series of posts known as “Just LUC Things” – a parody of the infamous “Just Girly Things” Tumblr account from the early 2010s.

“Canada goose coats popping up everywhere. I see them in my nightmares. do they even keep you warm? can you even show canada on a map? » @ramblerbux asked in a January 28 article.

A now inactive account took a more divisive path. Under @luc_geese, candid photos of Loyola students in their Canada Goose coats were captioned with phrases only a wealthy person would say.

“‘What do you mean by scholarships?'” a position reads, paired with a photo of a student bundled up in a Canada Goose parka. “‘Like Loyola pays you to go here?'”

Grace Niémiec | The Phoenix Students Deena Bahrami and Lauren Mlynek choose to forego the Canada Goose hype.

Gabby Kalata, senior and owner of Canada Goose since its first year, said she remembers @luc_geese’s peak in popularity well. Although the 21-year-old nursing major has never appeared on the account, she remembers being scared of being posted there.

“It was just awkward,” Kalata said. You don’t want to be made public without consent, obviously.

Despite being judged by strangers on campus, Kalata noted that most of the backlash came from friends.

“I think it’s more just friends making stupid comments,” she said. “That’s no excuse, but I always say, ‘I didn’t buy it.'”

Kalata’s white Canada Goose parka was a gift from relatives abroad and her friend, Dayna Gallet, a 21-year-old psychology student, said hers was also a gift from her parents.

Lauren Mlynek, a young political science student who doesn’t own a Canada Goose jacket, said she wouldn’t consider buying one. The 21-year-old cited price as her main source of disinterest, but also said quality coats can be found at lower prices.

“You can go to Costco and get a coat that will save you [money]Mlynek said, reflecting on her own coat, which she bought. “You’ll be hot, that’ll do.”

Grace Niémiec | The Phoenix Dakota Biliskov prefers winter coats from the Columbia brand.

Other students cited animal cruelty allegations as their top denial. The brand is known for using real coyote fur and goose feathers in its parkas. Recently, however, Canada Goose announcement it would end the use of real fur by the end of 2022.

“They recently talked about how they tried better, but I still disagree with the company,” said Dakota Biliskov, a self-described animal rights activist.

While the brand’s announcement is a big step up from its heritage in fur fashion, it’s clear some students think it’s too little, too late to alter the controversial heritage of the brand. Mark.

Luckily for Canada Goose owners, students’ negative impressions of the brand don’t always carry over to how they perceive their parka-wearing peers. As he opposed the brand’s practices, the 22-year-old biology student said the only word he would use to describe a Canada Goose owner was ‘wealthy’ and nothing more.

Mlynek also associated Canada Goose owners with “wealth” as well as “preppiness.” She was adamant, however, that “there’s nothing wrong with being preppy.”

Canada Goose owners Kalata and Gallet said they wouldn’t personally buy another Canada Goose jacket, but were grateful for the quality despite the impression from their peers.

“I know, it’s super controversial, which I understand,” Gallet said. “I just feel like it lasts so long. I feel like it’s like a lifetime jacket in a way.

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