Is that Canada Goose coat keeping you single?


When it comes to potential partners, 28-year-old Lily Primamore considers herself rather “non-judgmental”.

“I love everyone,” Primamore, who works at a gallery in Soho, New York, told The Daily Beast. “I do not care.”

Good, except. . .

“If you came up to me and said, ‘Hey Lily, I’m going to set you up on a blind date,'” Primamore suggested, “And I was going to see someone sitting across from me in a Canada coat. Goose, I’d have him ask, “How would you feel if Freddy Krueger was sitting at a table waiting to fuck you? I’ll have to go the other way, no thanks. Not that I hate.

Primamore, who has been vegan for about a year, objects to the Canadian brand’s use of coyote fur and goose down lining. “It’s similar to Thesilenceofthelambs with these human body suits,” she said.

In addition, the knee-length padded parka – with the brand’s badge stamped on the right shoulder –costs more than $1,000. This means that although the brand was founded in 1957 as a retailer for Canadian Rangers and other outdoor workers, its current reputation skews less of the rugged mountaineer and more of the corporate lackey. (The brand did not respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment.)

A few years ago, the coat, which was once spotted on Rihanna and given as Sundance Festival Outfit, was considered a venerable “It” article. But with its rise came overexposure. The perhaps inevitable backlash manifested in blogs like the now dormant Shower Canada tumblr, which existed to publicly humiliate students bearing the label. This month, the Chicago Grandstand published a list from “The best winter coats that Arenayou Canada Goose.

At a dinner party a few weeks ago, a friend asked the question: “What if you met someone in the summer who was perfect, but it was cold and you realized they had a Canada Goose jacket ?” After conducting a very unscientific poll on my Instagram Stories, I learned that 75% of those who responded would consider the breach a dealbreaker. Animal rights concerns were the primary concern, with the coat being a major wealth factor and, for some, just plain annoying.

The anorak might be an ubiquitous sight for winter dwellers in the city, but owning one could turn you into a walking red flag. “I have strong opinions on these coats,” Madison Russell, editor at One37PM, wrote in a DM. “[Canada Goose represents] not just a disregard for animal rights, but blatant materialism and lack of taste.

As Primamore asked, “What are you trying to symbolize [by wearing that brand of coat] other than being ridiculously expensive? »

“You should feel comfortable with the clothes you’re wearing, but everyone has these jackets,” Berto Calkins, 30, said. “It’s kind of corny to follow this trend just because it’s expensive. You could take another brand. Go to Zara and get yourself a warm jacket or, in the worst case, a diaper! »

The personal trainer and nutritionist are currently a couple, but if he ever dated again, he’d be passing on Canada Goose clones. “Some people buy the coat because it’s hot or whatever, but ultimately you buy it because of the brand image.”

But Tedi Sarah, 32, a vegan for six years, takes a more measured approach. “I want to live a cruelty-free lifestyle and make more respectful choices for animals, people, and the planet, but there was a time when I didn’t know about those issues either,” she said. “As long as the person I’m dating wants to know more and is willing to make more favorable choices, it works for me. It’s about progress, not perfection.

Canada Goose’s trapping methods have been meticulously documented by animal welfare groups like PETA, which regularly stage protests outside stores, with fake blood splattered on plush coyote costumes.

The brand responded on its website, writing in a statement that “We do not tolerate any abuse, neglect or willful act causing undue suffering to animals. Our standards for the sourcing and use of fur, down and wool reflect our commitment that materials are sourced from animals that are not subjected to deliberate abuse or undue harm.

Earlier this year, Newsweek reported that Canada Goose operates under its home country’s 1997 International Humane Trapping Standards Agreement, which lists acceptable means of catching animals. But some of the approved foot traps have been criticized by activists in other countries.

This heightened awareness, stimulated by watchdog groups, does not seem to deter customers. Canada Goose revealed last month that its revenue rose more than 27% from a year ago, bringing in a total of C$249 million.

But if you’re spending the winter alone, kept warm at night only by the plush comfort of old-fashioned dog fur, maybe leave the parka at home on your next date. There are other ways to display your six-figure salary.

Or as Primamore put it, “It’s a black jacket with fucking fur on it.” You can also find this at Chanel and Gucci.


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