How Canada Goose is successfully targeting Gen Z


Everyone is struggling to figure out the best way to woo Gen Z, but the generation is fickle. A brand survey conducted in January by Qualtrics showed that Gen Z is considered the hardest generation to please.

But Canada Goose, the Canadian brand known for its thick winter coats, has seen considerable success, thanks to changing the controversial materials it uses and revamping its social strategy in 2021.

A quarter of the brand’s online sales now come from Gen Z in April 2022, after making a concerted effort to attract more Gen Z customers in 2021, according to Penny Brook, director of marketing and experience at Canada Goose. Additionally, out of all of its customer age demos, Gen-Z accounts for the most visits to the website, the most time spent on the website, the most page views, and the highest conversion.

“We often say that brands that don’t prioritize sustainability today won’t be around in 10 or 20 years,” Brook said. “The same can be said for [prioritizing] Gen Z. Brands that don’t adapt and grow with them won’t be around in a decade. Gen Z expects a lot from brands – as it should – and is redefining what experience truly means, as well as the role the fashion industry plays in our lives.

Brook said the top three channels Canada Goose uses to target Gen Z are Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. On Instagram, Millennials make up the majority of Canada Goose fans, but their Gen-Z customer base has doubled in the past year. Brook attributed this to a move away from overly polished content in favor of more natural content. For example, he recently published unfiltered photos taken during a polar voyage by explorer Ben Saunders.

Across Snapchat and TikTok, Canada Goose has been busy. Last year, the brand partnered with the NBA for a TikTok challenge called Play in the Open, where it asked people to show up performing basketball shots. The vast majority of the 116 million uses of the #playintheopen hashtag were from Gen Z, Brook said. On Snapchat, the brand launched a footwear collection in November with a custom filter to match. Brook said the Snapchat filter led to “increased awareness, association and preference” for the brand, but she could not provide further details on her engagement.

“This all further builds on our ongoing influencer partnerships, which come to life across all three social channels,” Brook said. Some of the brand’s influencer partners include Instagram influencer Hannah Whiting, who is Gen Z herself, and designer Rhuigi Villasenor, both of whom have around 300,000 Instagram followers. Canada Goose chooses influencers from a wide range of interests, from high fashion, like Whiting, to sports. He recently in partnership with the NBAfor example.

Brook said the brand’s Gen-Z customers engage almost entirely via mobile, so all marketing content is now designed to look good and fit well on a size screen. mobile. Additionally, Klarna, Canada Goose’s payment-over-time partner, has proven to be very popular with Gen Z, who more than any demo use the feature to purchase Canada Goose. This is due, in part, to the relatively high price of Canada Goose – around $1,000 for a coat – and the lack of purchasing power of Gen Z, compared to older generations. Brook said millennials are the biggest consumer show, when it comes to the brand’s coat shoppers.

“Our ads mentioning Klarna are particularly successful with Gen Z,” Brook said. “It’s proof that they buy differently [than other demos] and why it’s essential to meet them where they are with content that resonates.

Finally, Brook said Canada Goose’s focus on sustainability and more ethical practices has contributed to its popularity with Gen Z. Last year, the brand pledged to stop buying new fur and promised to stop using fur altogether this year. He has also pledged to pivot 90% preferred fibers and materialswithout price change, by 2025.

A 2021 DoSomething survey of Gen Z shoppers found that 75% of them prefer to buy from ethical and sustainable brands. Yet Gen Z is known to embrace less sustainable brands like Shein too.

“Our special projects and collaborations are constantly over-indexed with Gen Z,” Brook said. “We continue to see a higher level of interest from Gen Zers in collections like [our collaborations with] the NBA, [footwear designer] Salehe Bembury, [Canadian fashion boutique] and [Chinese fashion designer] Angel Chen. They are also [shopping] the Standard Expedition Parka and our HumaNature Capsule collection, the latter having been designed with recycled and responsibly sourced materials.


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