Clumsy teenage burglars stole Xbox, Canada Goose coat, speaker and £10


TWO teenage burglars smashed a window with a brick then stole an Xbox, a Canada Goose coat, a loudspeaker and a £10 note from an address in Flixton, a court has heard.

Lewis Hodgkiss and Thomas Piert also smashed a window at another address with a flowerpot and attempted to break into a garage.

Hodgkiss, from Oldham, and Piert, from Stockport, were 17 and 16 respectively at the time of the offenses, which were in February 2020.

The couple were arrested the next day and the stolen items were found in their possession.

Piert, now 18, from Underhill, admitted to two burglaries and an attempted burglary and was sentenced to a community order by Manchester Magistrates’ Court late last year.

But Hodgkiss, now 19, of Rochdale Road, initially denied two of the offenses and only admitted them at a later date.

He was convicted of two burglaries and an attempted burglary by Recorder Edmund Fowler at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court this week.

Before sentencing, prosecutor Betsy Hindle told the court how Piert and Hodgkiss tried to break into a garage on Millford Avenue in broad daylight.

The owner received a notification from his CCTV camera and saw one of the teenagers pull hard on the door while the other watched.

According to Ms Hindle, Piert and Hodgkiss then went next door, where a window was smashed with a flowerpot.

The victim returned to sight of broken glass and blood, which was later linked to the teenagers, although nothing was stolen.

Finally, Piert and Hodgkiss drove to an address on nearby Ambleside Road where a window was again smashed, this time with a brick.

The couple searched through cupboards and drawers and fled with an Xbox, a Canada Goose coat and a speaker belonging to the owner’s son, and a £10 note belonging to the owner’s daughter.

In mitigation for Hodgkiss, John Kennerley pointed to his age at the time of the offenses, as well as the fact that he had been kicked out of the family home and had also fallen into drug addiction.

Mr Kennerley pointed out that a stint in jail for a separate dangerous driving case, which ended last month, caused Hodgkiss to change his attitude.

Recorder Fowler agreed to the mitigation and sentenced the teen to 12 months in a young offender facility, albeit suspended for two years.

He said: “Your actions had consequences for the victims.

“Three families have since suffered from your selfish actions.”

But he added: “It looks like the time in police custody was the shock you needed.

“If it turns out I’m wrong, you know where you’ll end up.”

Recorder Fowler ordered Hodgkiss to complete a thinking skills program, a 20-day rehabilitation activity requirement, and 150 hours of unpaid work.


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