Canada Goose’s HUMANATURE collection is enduring luxury


Canada Goose‘s mission is clear: to keep the planet cold and its inhabitants warm. Since launching its sustainability impact strategy in late 2020, the Canadian-based luxury brand has implemented a series of company-wide changes to combat its environmental impact, ranging from a fur free pledge to a comprehensive 10-year campaign in conjunction with PBI (Polar Bears International) to protect and conserve the species.

However, the outerwear brand’s newest collection, the HUMANATURE capsule, is a bit more tangible for those looking for a high-end winter parka. Designed with the luxury performance ethos that Canada Goose is known for, the collection represents a new era of commitment to sustainable practices.

The Kiefer quilted jacket.

Canada Goose

Notably, the HUMANATURE capsule sports a unique beige-white color (officially titled griege), a byproduct of the collection’s rejection of dyed fabrics. By eliminating the dyeing process, production is less dependent on chemicals and water. The capsule also offers premium comfort despite its recycled nature, with organic and responsibly sourced heavyweight cashmere. That’s not to say the offerings skimp in the insulation department; recycled nylon and superior construction mean that each piece is designed for superior warmth even in cold and frigid conditions.

Composed of the iconic Standard Expedition Parka – one of Canada Goose’s elite performance styles, field tested and approved in temperatures of -22°F and below – plus four new down jackets and overcoats like the Rhya, the HUMANATURE collection starts at $495.

The Rhya Overcoat.

Canada Goose

You can shop the entire line of HUMANATURE jackets from Canada Goose at the link below and find out more about what the company is doing to support sustainable practices. here.


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