Canada Goose thief broke security guard’s leg, then used electric scooter as escape vehicle


A teenage shoplifter broke a security guard’s leg then used an electric scooter as an escape vehicle, injuring a woman in the city center.

Zac Hillon, 18, struggled with the man who tried to stop him from stealing an expensive coat from Flannels, a court has heard.

Security officer Richard Mileson broke his calf bone and was bedridden for six weeks.

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Hillon rode through busy city streets on his electric scooter, hitting a pedestrian and bruising his elbow, Plymouth Crown Court understood.

A judge suspended his prison sentence due to his age, guilty pleas and lack of previous convictions.

Judge Robert Linford said: “I never want to see you again. It’s completely irrelevant to you.

“Apart from this incident, you are a decent, hard-working person. What made you behave in this way is completely beyond anyone, including the probation officer.”

Hillon, of Western Road, Launceston, admitted stealing a £950 Canada Goose coat from the Plymouth Flannels store on May 7.

He pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm to Mr. Mileson without intent that day.

Hillon also admitted assaulting the woman by beating her and possessing cannabis during her arrest.

Robber Zac Hillon broke a security guard’s leg before using an electric scooter as an escape vehicle

A charge of driving the e-scooter without insurance was dismissed and prosecutors dropped the charge.

Mike Brown of the Crown Prosecution Service said the defendant drove the electric scooter to the store that day. He was spotted leaving the store without paying for the coat.

He said Mr Mileson tried to hold him down and the two fell to the ground – with the security guard breaking his right fibula.

Mr Brown said Hillon punched him once in the face before escaping on the electric scooter.

The lawyer added that the teenager struck the woman’s elbow in passing, causing bruising and swelling.

Mr Brown added that the police caught up with him at Saltash Road, near the station.

He said the Crown acknowledged the injuries were caused by recklessness rather than a deliberate act.

But he read a statement from Mr Mileson which said he had been bedridden for six weeks, on painkillers and off work for twice that time.

The attorney said Hillon told police that threats had been made against him.

Robber Zac Hillon broke a security guard's leg before using an electric scooter as an escape vehicle
Robber Zac Hillon broke a security guard’s leg before using an electric scooter as an escape vehicle

Nick Lewin, for Hillon, said his client was working but halted his mitigation after the judge said he would not hand down a jail sentence.

Judge Linford gave the teenager an 18-month community order with 100 hours of unpaid work and ordered that he undertake 25 days of intensive supervision on probation.

He ordered Hillon to pay Mr Mileson £1,000 compensation. The judge stressed that he was not assessing the impact of the damage by this sum but had to limit any order to the means of the defendant.

The court heard that the victim may be entitled to additional compensation through civil proceedings.

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