Canada Goose jackets: Hampshire Police ‘not discouraging’ people wearing expensive jackets despite recent violent street robberies


The jackets cost between £400 and £1,500.

They stole the teenager’s black Canada Goose parka before pedaling down Somers Road.

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A police spokesperson said: ‘I would not discourage people from wearing these clothes as everyone should rightly be able to walk freely in their area without risk or fear of harm.

“We encourage people to report suspicious behavior to us and to report all incidents of violent crime, so that we can understand the picture of the areas most affected and at what time of day or night, and target our resources in result.

The spokesman also pointed to the Home Office’s online reporting tool which allows members of the public to report, anonymously, environmental factors in their area that make them feel unsafe – which could be where groups congregate and act intimidatingly, areas with low street lighting, abandoned buildings, or drug-related activity.

“It should be noted, however, that this is not a crime reporting tool. Crimes, anti-social behavior and suspicious incidents should always be reported to the police at 101, via our website , or by calling 999 in the event of an emergency or immediate threat to life.

Hampshire Police also have their own security councils, which are here.


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