Canada Goose is working on an amazing winter jacket with Salehe Bembury



Salehe Bembury leaves his fingerprint on everything he touches. Finishing the designer’s most successful year yet, Bembury took to Instagram this week to tease a Canada Goose collaboration that leaves people guessing.

Mop up the competition – The message, which leaves much to the imagination, features a mysterious Bembury in an olive winter coat with the hood up. Dark gray panels are sewn onto the shoulder and along the chest, while the rest of the jacket is accented with silver and black hardware.

The hood stands out the most, trimmed in a lighter gray microfiber-like fabric – replacing the traditional Canada Goose fur liner – and secured with an adjustable elastic tongue. Overall, the earth-toned jacket from Bembury and Canada Goose looks like it could add to any winter outerwear rotation.

Bembury’s hooded creation, which looks slightly like a mop or household rag, could be attributed to Canada Goose’s initiative to stop using real animal fur in 2022. The designer is known to go more far in his collaborations, as we see through his New Balance 574 and 2002Rs and Pollex Crocs, the jacket therefore lives up to its creative potential.

If we’ve learned anything by now it’s that Bembury knows how to rock waves and crash servers with his releases. He hasn’t included any logistical information other than his name and that of Canada Goose (the latter hasn’t even posted on Instagram yet), but it’s safe to assume the next collaboration will be hard to find. If you missed the Pollex Crocs, this could be a chance to redeem yourself. Or not.



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