Canada Goose changes mainland China return policy after backlash


Jackets hang in the showroom of the Canada Goose factory in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Feb. 23, 2018. Credit: Xinhua

Canada Goose said on Thursday it is now offering return and exchange services to customers in the Chinese mainland within 14 days of shopping at physical retail stores, part of a major change in its return policy after its no-refund policy caused widespread backlash.

The Canadian luxury down jacket maker has come under fire from Chinese consumers for its controversial product refund policy in mainland China, which is different from policies in other markets, prompting many consumers to call the decision discriminatory and of double standards.

According to a statement posted on Canada Goose‘s official Weibo account on Thursday, the retailer said it is promising free return and exchange services to customers in the Chinese mainland for once within 14 days of their purchases. in physical retail stores, if the products are in good condition.

Additionally, the Canadian brand said it could provide free product testing if customers found the products to be of defective quality. Customers could also turn to third-party agencies to assess the quality of their products.

If a third-party agency or the company confirms any quality defects, Canadian Goose will offer refund or exchange services, it said in the statement.

The latest policy change follows a recent backlash from Chinese customers, who criticized the company’s discriminatory double standard policy in mainland China.

In a statement sent to the Global Times on December 2, Canada Goose headquarters said that “in mainland China, customers are eligible to receive a refund within 14 days of purchase in accordance with applicable laws, if their product, purchased from a Canada Goose store, found to have issues with materials or craftsmanship; and seven-day unconditional return and refund on official e-commerce platforms; or other circumstances subject to law.”

However, its refund policies for items sold online have always drawn criticism.

Such a refund policy for online sales differs from markets outside of China, as the company posts a 30-day unconditional refund policy on the Canada Goose official website, but the clause does not apply to the part mainland China, where the seven-day unconditional return clause applies, Xinhua News Agency reported, citing the Shanghai Consumer Council.

No brand should have privilege over consumers, the China Consumers Association (CCA) said in early December.

The CCA said that respecting and protecting the rights and interests of consumers is the obligation of every commercial operator and that no company or brand enjoys special privileges. “If the brand sees itself as a big brand, engages in double standards and discriminates against mainland consumers, it will fail in this market,” the association noted.

Canada Goose said in the post Thursday that it will abide by Chinese laws and regulations and continue to provide high-quality products and customer experiences.

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