Facts and price comparison for those who want to borrow USD 5,000.

Here we will take a closer look at the CEO who applies to you who want to borrow just USD 5,000. We take a look at what different options you have and what are the advantages and disadvantages of them. You can also find price comparison and links.

Consumer Lending


Private loans, which are the classic form of unsecured loans, usually start at USD 10,000, making it difficult to borrow USD 5,000 in this way. However, it should be said that there may still be some lenders offering you to borrow this amount but there are not many and you will definitely have to pay a clearly higher interest rate than that of other private loans.

But it can still be an option for you, although finding such a lender can be difficult. Further down here on the page you can find a list of lenders who offer their customers to borrow USD 5,000 and you can only check there if you find someone who does it in the form of private loans.

The advantage of private loans is that they have a lower monthly cost as the maturity is at least 1 year. The disadvantage of the loans is that they may very well be more expensive overall as you pay a smaller interest rate many times instead of a large payment.



In recent years, micro loans have become very popular. This is not very surprising as it is a quick and easy way to access a smaller amount of money to use on any special occasion.

Micro-loans usually range from USD 500 up to USD 5,000, however, there are some lenders who offer their customers to borrow up to USD 10,000. The big advantage of micro loans is that it is a quick and easy way to access a smaller amount of money. The disadvantage is that you get to pay a fairly high price and that the money you borrow must be repaid after 30 – 90 days depending on which lender you use out of.

Who can borrow USD 5,000 from?


Below you will find a list of a number of lenders that lend just USD 5,000. For those who lend in the form of micro loans, you will also find a price list of what exactly it costs you to borrow.

If you have a more detailed comparison, you can visit our comparison department. There you can also find more information about the lenders where you can borrow USD 5,000 in the form of private loans.